Nokia Squashes Rumor of a Microsoft Takeover

Paul Lilly

Microsoft had a chance to close out its final CES keynote with a bang. Balmer could have hit attendees with a bombshell by announcing plans to acquire Finnish handset maker Nokia, followed by lots of exaggerated rhetoric, storming about the stage, and obligatory sweating. There's only one problem with that scenario -- Microsoft isn't acquiring Nokia, no matter what you may have heard or read.

Rumors to the contrary are "baseless," Nokia CEO Stephon Elop told PCMag during an interview at CES. Reading his answer to the question of whether or not Nokia is looking to sell its smartphone business to Microsoft, you get the sense Elop is a little bit exasperated.

"As we've described before, the rumors are baseless, and some people who seem to enjoy generating rumors are running out of fresh material, so it seems to have come up again," Elop said. "I have nothing else to say."

Who knows if it was ever discussed or not, but the rumor was likely started based on Nokia's all-in approach to Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. In particular, Nokia is uber excited about its Mango-powered Lumia 900 smartphone these days, which rocks a 3.7-inch LCD screen, 1.4GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and an 8MP camera.

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