Nokia Readying ARM-based Tablet for Fourth Quarter

Paul Lilly

We keep hearing about all these tablets that are supposed to come out by the end of 2010, which makes us think it's going to be a very busy (and competitive) holiday shopping season. Go ahead and add Nokia to the ranks, which also wants a piece of the tablet pie and is slated to launch it's own branded unit in the fourth quarter.

There aren't a whole lot of details to go on, other than it will sport an ARM processor inside. Nokia is said to be in talks with various upstream component makers and has already completed about 100 engineering samples, but no one seems to know (or is wiling to say) whether the panel size will check in at 7 inches or 9 inches.

And that's really it. No definitive word on the OS or other specs, though there's chatter Nokia will tap into Meego and sell the device through its carrier partners.

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