Nokia Preps Windows RT Tablet for Early 2013 Launch

Paul Lilly

Nokia's Windows RT tablet will sport a built-in battery.

Move over Surface, and make room for Nokia's own version of what an ARM-based Windows RT tablet should be like. According to The Verge , Microsoft's BFF in the mobile space is planning to launch a Windows RT tablet sometime in early 2013. It will have a 10.1-inch display similar to the Surface RT's panel, HDMI output, USB ports, and a built-in cellular radio that AT&T will be the first to take advantage of.

Nokia's tablet won't be a straight-up Surface clone. One thing Nokia hopes will set its slate apart is a battery-equipped cover. Like Surface, it will function as both a stand and a keyboard, but the built-in battery will give the slate a bit of reserve power. The cover will also sport a pair of USB ports.

Other details are sparse, and it's not yet known if Nokia will follow suit with a Windows Pro tablet. That may depend on how well the Windows RT device sells, as it's said Nokia plans to take things slow with a small number of tablets initially.

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