Nokia to Make Windows Phone 7 Devices

Ryan Whitwam

It turns out all the rumors were true. When it was still early in the morning today for North America, Nokia made a big announcement in their Capital Market Day conference. Nokia, led by CEO (and former Microsofty) Stephen Elop, has entered into a " strategic alliance " with Microsoft. The deal involves Windows Phone, Xbox Live, and Bing services. What this really means, is that Nokia will be making Windows Phone 7 devices.

At first the fate of Nokia's existing platforms was unclear, but we have since learned that Symbian development will basically slow to nothing. The software will still be licensed, but most efforts will be directed toward Windows Phone, and a bit to MeeGo. Nokia still plans to put out at least one MeeGo device this year, but we have to wonder how long they'll keep that up.

In the announcement Nokia seemed to indicate that Microsoft was giving them more freedom to modify the WP7 system. Other manufacturers have not been granted that ability. We're curious to see what Nokia does, and if that causes problems for the platform down the road. How do you feel about this strategic move?

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