Nokia Lumia 520 Takes Bullet for Brazilian Police Officer's Backside

Paul Lilly

How a Windows Phone saved a police officer's ass (literally)

Hollywood's already envisioned various objects saving a potential victim's hide by absorbing a bullet, but apparently it doesn't only happen in the movies. Reading like an action movie script, an overseas report tells the story of an off duty police officer in Brazil who was fired upon by two men attempting to rob his parents' house. The officer turned around in time for the bullet to deflect off his Nokia Lumia 520 handset in his back pocket .

According to the translated report spotted by PC Magazine , the crooks fired on the officer when they saw his uniform, which he had draped over his arm. He was bringing the uniform over to his parents' house to have it washed only to find that they had been taken hostage in a burglary attempt.

One of the crooks fired off two shots, one of which destroyed the officer's Windows Phone and hit him in the buttocks, and the other whizzing by before bouncing off a neighbor's gate. The criminals fled, making off with cell phones, watches, jewelry, and money, according to the report.

The Nokia Lumia 520 isn't a particularly pricey device, selling for less than $100 in most places.

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