Nokia Ditches Subscription Music Service

Ryan Whitwam

Nokia's music subscription service was seen as an iTunes competitor when it launched in 2008. Now here we are just a few years later, and Nokia has made to call to discontinue the service , branded as either Comes with Music or Ovi Music Unlimited, in all but a few regions. Nokia will continue offering 12 month subscriptions in China, India and Indonesia, and 6 month subs in Brazil, Turkey and South Africa. As for those that have bought into the service in other places, they will still have access to tunes until their current subscription is up. Then only previously downloaded tracks will be accessible.

Nokia was fairly upfront about the issues associated with the service citing a lack of traction in most markets. Many point to problems with the service at the fundamental level. The subscriptions service was only available on some phones, most of which were running older hardware. The songs were also DRM-encumbered, making them playable only on a single phone. "The markets clearly want a DRM-free music service," said a Nokia spokesperson. Nokia still has a DRM-free Ovi Music store, but that will be of little comfort to those few that had gotten used to the all you can eat version.

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