NoFan's New All-Copper CPU Heatsink Cooler Is Pretty, Big And Whisper Quiet

Brad Chacos

Sometimes, you don't want to hear about a CPU's manufacturing process, or its cores, or the strength of its integrated graphics. Kidding! Of course you want to hear about all that. What you don't want to hear is the sound of a heavy-duty fan trying to keep your heavy-duty proc from getting hot under the collar. Enter this amazing all-copper beaut of a heatsink from Nofan. It's massive, it's purdy, and it's silent.

Engadget pointed us towards , the first site to find the copper behemoth. (Check out the FanlessTech link for even more pics.) The Nofan CR-95C heatsink clocks in at roughly 7.09 inches by 5.83 inches and weighs 2.25 lbs. That massive size and stylized "IcePipe" design help it keep CPUs with a TDP rating of up to 100W cool and calmly running; that's not quite enough for a Core i7 with a beefy overclock, but more than capable of handling any stock Trinity or Ivy Bridge processors with ease.

FanlessTech doesn't expect mass shipments until June, but Britain's expects a batch of 50 in tomorrow and is accepting preorders now for $107.50 a pop . It may not fit the needs of hardcore system builders (unless you have a big ol' HTPC with a side window, that is), but we thought you should bask in the CR-95C's beautiful glory nonetheless.

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