The Eyefinity Field Manual: Your Guide to Multi-Monitor Bliss



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Dude, you are so wrong about racing games.  Maybe I can agree with your for console ports like Need for Speed, but when you get serious about racing and run iRacing on a three monitor eyefinity setup, you get much more than just immersion!  You can actually see when cars are on your sides and how far away they are related to you.  You can tell whether it's safe to turn into a corner, or if they are still there and you must hold your line.

For anyone who plays racing "sims", it is essential to be a safer driver.



would be great but the  damn black gap between the monitors is anoying though .



so awesome and i want it.. but with some of my fav games coming out with physx i couldnt do it. batman and alice are night / day



Nice to see someone in MaxPC still rocking the G15 v1 :D



So sorry for the double post. If I could I would remove the redundent one.



Double post



I have used multiple monitors for over ten years. This year I went to a three monitor surround set up. I use them for far more than gaming. Having three monitors for Apps like Photoshop and for having a browser, Publisher and a data base all open and seeable at the same time is quite valuable for me. As for games, I agree with the comments made here on Civ 5 across three monitors, there is the Wow effect for sure but not much more. On the other hand Dragon Age O is awesome across three screens. (added on 6/27) I have now obtained and played The Witcher 2 across three monitors. it is truly amazing and I am not easily impressed.

I agree with most of this article, it is well written. I choose to not go with Eyfinity however and it was not wanting to use display port for now that was the deciding factor. I decided to use slightly older monitors so I choose three Samsung 245T 24” 1920 x 1200 MONITORS so total resolution is 5760 X 1200. First of all I hate 1080P, the monitors look thin and three of them really has a strange aspect ratio in landscape. I also hate the glossy reflective screens which you seem to have to accept with many of the 1080P toys out there. The two 580’s seem to be able to handle anything I through at them with really good frame rates and benches.

My rig uses a pair of EVGA GTX 580’s in SLI running the three 245T’s all on dual link DVI. The set up was easy and the NV drivers seem to me more mature although AMD is getting there. The set up was fairly easy and you can choose to use bezel correction or not. I find that I quickly got used to not using it but that is of course a personal choice. The 245T’s do not have large bezels and I have the center monitor slightly in front (about ¾ of an inch) and the two side monitors slid slightly behind by the width of one bezel so that reduces the bezel to half.

Anyway, I am glad to see that this is a topic that is getting more attention and as I noted I think this is a good article. I do wish that more game developers would take multi-monitor gaming into consideration but perhaps that is too much to ask for in the age of old technology console-esq dumbed down games. As always however, the market will decide.




Having just started the work day, that screenshot of EVE Online was not what I needed to see.




I love my eyefinity setup.  I've got an i7 950 paired with 2 reference XFX 6950 2GB's.  Together it runs my 3x22" Asus 1080p monitors.  They aren't the greatest, but I bought them 2 years ago for $150 each, and they haven't let me down.

I don't use eyefinity as much for BFBC2 because I find it very hard to scan all 3 screens vs. just the single screen.  I do however, love it for DiRT2.  The immersion you feel is incredible.  I even let my non-eyefinity friend play DiRT2 on my PC, and he absolutely loved it.


I won't go back.



I use a class 4 holodeck rig for my gaming...



I remember we used to want for larger monitors. Perhaps it is too expensive to make a single monitor some four feet wide, but that doesn't mean I'd compromise my gaming experience to play across multiple monitors with those bezels dividing my view.



Is that white ugly thing on the desk a MacBook? Yeek!



I have a Saphire radeon Hd 5870 Eyefinity edition What active display ports would work with it to get the third monitor to work. Obiously not in  the 100 dollar range more the 50 and under, Has to be either mini display port to DVI Or HDMI Thanks in advance to who might have an answer to this .



I love my multimonitor setup. I'll never go back to gaming on 1 monitor, especially when playing racing games. Shift 2 is just amazing with 3 monitors. I would never surround game on anything less than tri fire or tri sli tho. There's just not enough power to max out games with high fps with less. I just wish nVidia supported 6 monitor surround like AMD does with eyefinity.



How would 2 5850's fair in a 3 monitor setup?



I would love to have a multi monitor setup, but I can't justify the cost. I also would like bezel-less monitors for that kind of setup.



I have 6 monitors, but 4 different resolutions among them, so no multi monitor gaming for me.



Nice to see someone else is still rocking an old G15 keyboard.

I've got that old Max Payne mouse pad kicking around somewhere, too!

I use two monitors, but never have I used them in gaming. I have one on top of the other, so it wouldn't be very useful. Eventually when I move and get some more living space, I have a third that I'd like to put on my left hand side.

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