Both Left 4 Deads Get Absurd Price Drop in Celebration of New DLC Release



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I Jedi

I was under the impression that DLC content for L4D was free?



It is free. Look at the article closer. This is the price for the full L4D or L4D2 game if you don't already own it. $7 for each seprately or $10 for both. The Sacrifice DLC on Xbox 360 is $7, take that consoles!



I loved the first game when it was on it's Free Trial Weekend last year. Had to jump out and get this. $10 for two amazing, still-pretty-damn-new games?? DEAL!


Though, I just wish the big Steam sales are broadcast a little better. I don't check Steam's site that often, and I always see the really good sales on the last day, or miss them by just a few hours...



I'm not usually big on online multiplayer, but at this price, I might have to pick up a copy.  Plus, it's mostly a co-op game.  Hmmm... do I need both versions for $2 less per game or just L4D2?

Good lookin' out, Nathan.



I saw this on Steam yesterday and had to buy it.  Got both 1 and 2 for $10 and some change.  Have only played a few min, but its awsome.