Noctua Solves Your LGA 2011 Cooler Compatibility Woes with Free Mounting Kit

Paul Lilly

Noctua seems to understand that a grumpy customer isn't always a repeat customer, and if you want to keep buyers coming back, throw them a bone every once in awhile. Better than a bone, Noctua is giving away NM-I2011 mounting kits to Noctua cooling customers so they can port their existing heatsink/fan solution to Intel's upcoming LGA 2011 (Sandy Bridge-E) platform.

The mounting kit is backwards compatible with all Notcua retail coolers since 2005 and is completely free of charge, provided you upload proof of purchase of both your Noctua cooler and LGA 2011 motherboard on the company's website.

"We feel that product quality and service quality should always go hand in hand, so we're determined to give the best possible support to our customers. Having provided free mounting upgrades for the last generations of Intel and AMD platforms, we're happy to announce that we will continue this tradition with the NM-I2011 kit for LGA2011," says Mag. Roland Mossig , Noctua CEO. "We always like to think of our coolers as safe long-term investments, and even if you bought one of our first models six years ago, you'll still be able to upgrade it to the latest socket technology free of charge."

Are you paying attention, competing cooler makers? Stuff like this goes a long way, and even though most customers probably won't want to transfer a 6-year-old cooler over to Sandy Bridge-E, it's nice to at least have the option.

For those of you who own a Noctua cooler, you can request your free mounting kit here .

Image Credit: Noctua

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