Noctua, RotoSub Developing Fans With Integrated Noise-Cancelling Technology

Brad Chacos

Running a silent PC isn't possible if you've got a rig that generates a lot of heat -- at least, it isn't possible today. The cooling specialists at Noctua have announced that they've teamed up with a company called RotoSub to create the world's first fan with Active Noise Cancellation, and they plan on showing off a working prototype of a Noctua NF-F12 running the tech at Computex next week.

Engadget first pointed us towards the news, but Noctua has also written a press release about the joint venture . Said press release includes a short primer on the tech behind the active noise cancellation:

Active Noise Cancellation is the technique of using sound waves to reduce noise by means of an effect called phase cancellation or destructive interference.

Basically, ANC uses sound waves to cancel out other sound waves. Rotosub has developed a system that lets the fan itself emit a sound that largely cancels out the, um, actual fan sound. To us, it sounds a bit trippy (if nevertheless scientifically valid), but Noctua thinks that with the RotoSub ANC technology its NF-F12 fan will be able achieve 80 percent more airflow and 120 percent more static pressure while maintaining its current noise level. Not too shabby, that.

RotoSub hopes to have the fan-based ANC fine-tuned and ready to ship within the next year. The Rotosub website has a brief animated graphic showing how its fan technology works as compared to traditional ANC methods if you're interested.

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