No BS Podcast #220: Windows 8.1 with Bing, Nvidia 800M Series, Intel NUCs and SSDs



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Nixon beat me to the punchline on that point.

You can download and use the "SmartVideo for Youtube" addon" for firefox. It allows you to force 1080P for every video, and download the entire video at once, so no buffering all the time.



About the little rant on YouTube never buffering the entire video and only buffering it in little chunks. It's supposedly a new feature called DASH playback (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP.) Its entire purpose is to save bandwidth for YouTube. Bandwidth is wasted when they are uploading a video for a user to watch, and that user decides that they suddenly don't wish to watch the rest of the video. So if that user had per-loaded the entire video, went to do something else, then came back to their computer and decided that they didn't care to watch the video and closed out the browser tab, that essentially was wasted bandwidth to provide that entire video to that user who never watched the whole video. Talk about penny pinching...

DASH playback sounds good in theory, but it's actually not. DASH play back affects users that are on lower end connections (3mbps and lower) the most. Unfortunately that's a pretty large portion of users ISP data speeds in the US... Those users tend to leave the video to buffer ahead for a good while (depending on the length of the video) before pressing play. DASH play back will cut off buffering from 5 to 40 seconds, so watching a video on a low end connection can be difficult.

DASH play back is also supposed to solve issues that the previous YouTube player buffering may of had (such as a video randomly not buffering unless the web page is refreshed.)

To prevent DASH playback and revert to the previous style in buffering, there's an extension that can be used on both Google Chrome and FireFox called "YouTube Center." YouTube Center has an option built into it in which you can disable DASH play back so that you can buffer an entire video all the way through. (There's also many more options that you can tinker with to customize YouTube.)

Disabling DASH playback will result in a limitation to only 240p, 320p, and 720p quality settings. 1080p and 480p (and I believe other resolutions higher than 1080p) will not be an option in the YouTube player with DASH disabled. It's a really good trade off for those on low end connections, as they won't be watching 1080p or 720p videos anyhow. Users on higher end connections won't have much to worry about as the video will download quick enough to play without pause.