No BS Podcast #218: Microsoft's New CEO, Windows 8.1 News, AMD Unleashes Mantle



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Guys you have a good show but could you please get one of you guys to stop whispering. Or all of you whisper and I can just turn the volume up. Download your own show and listen to it as we do and you'll understand how incredibly frustrating it is. It's like reading a book with every third page ripped out.


Spookie Dookie

In regards to Microsoft looking to move users from Windows XP to Windows 8, you mentioned Windows 7 being a viable option. I agree it is, however, from a business point of view, I don't believe you should differentiate one product to the next. That would mean MS would have to explain the benefits of Windows 7 over Vista (an OS still being supported) and Windows 8. In terms of simply selling a product, I would tell customers the latest is the greatest - Get Windows 8.



Two things, first I listen mainly for Gordon's rants... So forget what that reviewer on iTunes said. His Star Wars rant was an epic piece of podcasting.

Second why in the hell is anyone pissing away money on MS office? With so many open source options out there (I use OpenOffice and it works perfectly) you're simply flushing good money down the toilet.


John Pombrio

I got NO AUDIO on your link. I had to go to iTunes.



To answer a question from Steven Rogers the podcast: Best all in one media center that can record TV with a tuner = Windows Media Center. It it pretty spectacular. I have a HTPC setup in my living room with two tuner cards (actually 2 USB tuners tucked inside) and a 1.5tb HDD for storage. You can throw anything at it if you have the right codec, runs 5.1 audio over HDMI perfect, works awesome with an IR remote, can play local & remote media files, and if you have cable, Ceton makes tuner cards that will work with some providers. For myself I use over the air HDTV. In Windows 8, Windows Media Center is an add-on for the Pro version (lame), as it is built into Windows 7 or Vista Home Premium. You can also install MCEBuddy which will monitor what you record, re-encode them to different file formats such as MP4 and remove the commercials. There is also a vibrant community