No BS Podcast #217: 4K Panels, Return of OCZ, HDD Failure Rates


No BS Podcast #217: 4K Panels, Return of OCZ, HDD Failure Rates

BackBlaze StudySpotlights on 4k tech, OZC's timely revival andupdates from BackBlaze's HDD failure Study

On this week's episode of the No BS Podcast #217, the staff tackles the onslaught of 4K panels, including the newly released 24-inch 4K from Dell and obsess over its insane PPI count. Next we shift gears and focus on Microsoft, not to bash the company, but to give two thumbs up for a good-looking quarterly revenue report from Surface sales. We move on to discuss the study from BackBlaze on Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital drives and failure rates. The staff concludes with editor picks and Gordon delivers his signature rant.

Editor's Picks

Tom MacNamara: Smart Ruler Lite

Gordon UngGigabyte BRIX Pro

Josh Norem: GeForce Shadowplay

Clark Crisp: SteelSeries Siberia V2 

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Once you remove all the crappy fullscreen metro apps, Windows 8 becomes usable:

Of course you should also install a program like classic shell.

So Windows 8 seperates the noobs from the pro's, if a fullscreen app opens on someone's PC, you know they failed to fix the broken parts of Widnows 8.

As you know, nobody cares about the symbolic changes Windows 8.1 made.

Also the biggest value of a Windows PC is that you can install (almost) any software you want. If they are really moving to a closed system starting from Windows 9, I will stick to SteamOS and Windows 8.



LOL. funny guys,GREAT show! Now worries Gordon The machine you ranted about is comming right after the post console era.



I thought he was talking about the Wii U ;)

P.S. abrupt ending at 1:37:05 for me, anyone else?



There was a problem with the audio, but we fixed it. Try this new file.