No BS Podcast #227: Haswell-E Rumors, Windows 9 Speculation, and More



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Led Weappelin

You can get a EVGA 780 for 500 bucks, not 550.

Great rant Gordon. Agree totally.



In Canada you could always go to Canada Computers to test out keyboards.



This podcast reminded me of this onion. Maximum PC guys if you have not seen this you need to.,14299/


Insula Gilliganis

** I wonder if Gordon's phone is set to STUN or KILL!! **


Neil Young
- Gordon actually saying some nice things about the iPhone
- Genuine rage shown by Tom about his Wi-Fi password saga
- Mention of Chromebook

Young Neil
- Too much about RUMORS
- What happened to the regular outro music?
- Low production value
- mostly noobie reader questions
- Typical unfunny & unoriginal Gordon rant
- As usual, nothing about the magazine


- I am sure it physically hurts Gordon to say anything nice about Apple so will give him some credit here.

- Tom seemed genuinely traumatized by his Wi-FI password experience!!

- Chromebooks are nice for what they are but are not MaximumPC worthy. After years of trying to deal with my Dad's WinXP machine (he kept getting viruses sent to him via e-mail despite having anti-virus installed as well as having other XP gremlins), I gave him an Acer c720 ($200) this past Christmas and no problems since. Perfect machine for someone who just visits websites and checks emails. No worries about viruses. I worry about that enough that I have dedicated a laptop that I JUST use for online purchases and nothing else. If I did any online banking, I would just use that machine as well.


- There are always Intel and MS Windows rumors.. but you don't bring them up during each podcast. Plus these Guru3D "rumors" were from June 22, basically three weeks after this podcast was released. If you all like rumors so much, why no mention of when Guru3D posted basically the same rumors (model #s, specs) on May 27th?

And if I want Windows 8/9/10 rumors, I can get all I can handle at Paul (I hate Apple more than Gordon Ma Ung) Thurrott's website and/or hear him with Mary Jo Foley discussing beer on "Windows Weekly" or with drinking buddy Andrew Zarian on "What The Tech". Do I really need to hear this stuff second hand from MPC especially since your discussion added very little to these rumors.

- No intros of the panelists or show date given. Fairly unprofessional listening to Jimmy trying to use his computer to play jingles. Nothing was fixed during post production as Tom twice suggests that it would.

- I don't think Alienware is buying those Titan Zs for anywhere close to $3000. I have to believe nVidia is breaking at $1500, maybe even lower, so if Alienware is buying these Titan Zs at $2000-2250, everyone involved is making a decent profit.

- Most of the questions you answered were really sophomoric.. were they written by people who just got on the Internet for the first time this past week? Yes we were all new at this at one time but these didn't seem like MPC-type questions, and they were ones that could have been easily answered if these people had just read the past couple of MaximumPC issues or gone to one of the multitude of websites (like HardOCP/PCPer/TechReport) that review hardware & post complete builds.

- Been awhile since Gordon has gone off on Apple but nothing like going back to the "tried and true" as most of his first 100 "classic" rants were about Apple. And the standard "bring up an old movie" portion of the rant failed hard. Future must really love their employees.. to give them all new "small" iPhones.. right before the bigger versions come out!!

Let me point out two things about iPhone Gordon doesn't bring up.. 1) "Google’s Android mobile operating system (OS) is the target of 99 percent of the world’s mobile malware, according to Cisco" (from Jan, 2014) and.. 2) security expert Steve Gibbons did three "Security Now" podcasts (#446-448) earlier this year about how iOS 7 was made with security as the focus.

- Geez.. another podcast when NOTHING in the magazine is ever discussed!! If someone just stumbled onto your podcast and listened , they would NEVER know you all actually put out a monthly magazine!! How about every other podcast you mention a couple of articles/reviews of the currently released magazine issue. Remember the "Going to the Lab" segment of the podcast? Whatever happen to that?? You all NEVER discuss stuff you just tested or are going to test!! You act like the magazine doesn't even exist!!

The PCPro podcast talks about stuff contained within their monthly magazine.. why can't MPC?? The PCPer podcast each week discusses articles from it's website.. why can't MPC?? You all seem to put ZERO effort into this podcast.. elaborating on rumors isn't really bringing anything new, different or interesting to the listeners/viewers that they couldn't get at a bunch of other places.. Gordon can't even come up with anything to recommend so he makes stuff up!!

Major releases of Intel CPUs have recently occurred.. why no benchmarks yet on the website or the magazine?? Reviews of the 4790K have been out for over a month now.. but nothing from MPC!! Pentium G3258 reviews have been out for almost as long.. but nothing from MPC!! Stockpiling it all for the September issue?? No review YET of the AMD FX-9590 that has been out over a year.. even though Tom wrote a comment on July 18, 2013 saying "We're working on it". . Tom.. can you work a little faster please.. it has just been a year!!

Sorry but I probably put more effort into writing this post than you all put into making the podcast.. and that is pretty sad!!



At first I was going to tl;dr, but I changed my mind and read your comments. You have several valid points though I think you're being a little too critical.

First, this isn't their primary job. Though I look forward to every podcast they do and can't wait for the next, it's obvious from previous comments that they don't get the same enjoyment. I'm actually glad that they are still trying to do it every couple weeks. Remember right before Nathan left? Every couple months they would do a podcast and promise they would get on a regular schedule? Jeez, those were dark days for MPC and this podcast.

Personally, I don't mind the low production value. In a way, you get to see "how the sausage is made." And Tom's comments about post-production are tongue in cheek: there are 2 radio shows in my area that use that same line all the time (Are we allowed to say that? Don't worry, we'll remove that in editing).

Now, you're absolutely right - they need to promote the magazine and discussing articles in the current magazine would be a good start. They don't have to give away everything but entice people that listen but don't subscribe to pick up the latest issue and find out what's in it.

I was happy that Tom finally made reference to the forums. MPC has an excellent (free) resource in the people that willing offer assistance and advice in the forums and instead of promoting this website and the forums, they always make sure to say "Like us on Facebook!"

Now, I did find Tom's password dilemma hysterical. I thought it was especially ironic when he said he wanted to set up this 64 character password once and then never worry about it again. And yet, there he was, worried and flustered. I had a friend do the same thing and when I tried to access his wireless network I asked him why he did it. "I don't want some stranger to access my network." You've GIVEN me the code and I STILL can't access it because it is so complicated and convoluted I can't figure out if I entered correctly!

You gave it a 5. I give it an 8. Still my most favorite podcast and in 2 weeks I'll be chomping at the bit to download the next one.


Insula Gilliganis

Shameless MaximumPC Forum plug ---> Haven't listened to this podcast as I was working on my third annual Dream Machine Predictions forum thread found here..

The September issue should be out in a couple of weeks so time to start thinking about Dream Machine 2014 which, hopefully, will be a main topic of the next podcast.



interesting they rav about win 9. Alot of articles speculating about when the start button is coming back. I got mine back last update, july 8th I think and no coverage from anyone not even in this podcast. Start button is back everyone looks like a gear in the lower left. It's actually not to bad.