No BS Podcast #225: Steam Machine Delays, Cheap 4K Monitors, and More



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I don't know what it is about your recording gear or settings but this is the only podcast which I have to triple the volume to hear everyone.

People should veer away from the console headsets the majority are cheap and not durable at all. After one day at PAX Astro were out of headsets that were working yet console fools were still buying them.

If you want a comfortable headset the most importing thing is for it to be circum-aural (around the ear cushion) rather than on ear. The latter becomes painful / uncomfortable after a while.

I agree with getting studio headphones as they are the same price or cheaper for much better quality sound. However there aren't many microphones I've found to combo this with in a noisy environment (desktop microphone picks up keyboard clicks and background sound).

I've tried clip on microphones but they pick up shirt noise and are annoying to remove.

Only headsets worth getting from my experience are Audio Technica ATH-ADG1 (open back), ATH- AG1 (close back) and Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (low ohm version resold by Qpad). Sennheiser 363d, 350 SE.

How is this Maximum PC with someone on the podcast that plays on a console?



I think the podcast is better than ever. I definitely don't miss the push to always, and I do me always stay on topic:P. I find it even funny now. Keep up the good work:)!



Have you guys at Maximum PC never heard of the device made by, It's brilliant lets you use PS3-4 Xbox 360-One and Wii controllers with your PC FLAWLESSLEY. I have used it in every game I've played over the past year and they also regularly update it.

Check it out It works with all steam game that support gamepads (and even ones that don't with the included software steam and otherwise!)

Your Welcome!




+1 for Howard the Duck.



When you had the turnover - Josh and Katherine - I was frightened that the podcast would lose its importance and become a "back-burner item." So I appreciate that you've managed to keep the podcasts on a steady schedule. Actually, I would love to see it once a week but beggars can't be choosers.

Keep up the good work!