No BS Podcast #224: Surface Pro III, Alienware's Steam Machines, Xbox One & Kinect, FCC on ISPs, and Self Driving Cars



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Axe Body Spray is repugnant. I'd rather smell the nauseating, cloyingly sweet e-cig flavors that are en vogue here than that. Axe Body Spray gives me a small taste of what it must have been like to be under a gas attack in WW1 w/o a gas mask. I wouldn't be surprised if ABS were toxic.

"How dirty boys get clean" :(

I wonder how accurate a Google self driving car would be. I've noticed some gaffes with Google Maps lagging behind the times and using roads that don't exist, or are not public, in giving directions.



Chewbacca is just that awesome.
Goes anywhere he wants, wearing nothing but a bandolier and a crossbow, and nobody screws with him.

I'd say they could make a show just about him, but that might bring up the Star Wars Christmas Special...

...and nobody talks about the Star Wars Christmas Special.




Gordon sure does cuss a lot.


Bullwinkle J Moose

So how well does the free copy of Windows 8 do for streaming Steam
to a tablet?

Ooh, looks like you'll want the 12" tablet and that copy of Windows is not so free

Back to Linux!