No BS Podcast #222: Future of VR, Nvidia Shield 2, and AMD Never Settle Bundle



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ssd runs fine in ubuntu now... ubuntu and its derivatives are much easier to set up now than windows.



Commenting about the audio setup and whether or not a sound card is really needed...if I'm not mistaken, you're much more better off sound-wise if you have an external DAC and headphone amp connected via USB. You get off-the-board sound processing with a digital signal and if you buy good enough quality, virtually no interference. I spent around $300 for my setup and then another $200 for the headphones, but it's sooooooooo worth the amplified sound. No sound card is going to get me what I currently have. I'm surprised why more audio DAC's aren't being used by other people, I'm not an audiophile but when you can spend only $500 to get near-audiophile sound, it's really a no-brainer for me. Maybe if I was connecting a speaker setup I would still connect via SPDIF-out using an optical connection, but that connection exists on quality motherboards anyway.



I have used very expensive, external DAC's and they quite incredible to hear. However, the issue is most people just don't care about audio. They say they do, but believe me, no one puts their money where their mouth is and actually buys a sound card or external DAC device. You should also remember that DAC's are great at giving you pristine audio free of the interference inside a PC, but they can't process the audio the way a soundcard can using either its onboard "processor" or host-based processing.



[Gordon and I need to hang out. That would be the greatest day ever]



Nice to see you guys doing videos again. Weird without Josh. Jimmy did a good job though.



To answer Gordon's question:

The Burger That Ate LA - burger stand in the shape of a giant burger was on Melrose Avenue. It opened in 1989 and only lasted until 1994. During that time though it popped up in cameos in both the Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210 TV series. Bar stools were shaped like pickle wedges and a giant tomato slice hung from the ceiling. It first became an Acapulco Chicken Cafe, retaining the burger shape ironically. And is now a Starbucks.


The Mac

Jimmy, quit banging your hand on the desk, its shaking the camera...

Audio normalization is much better than usual, and the multiple camera angles gives it a real dynamic feel.

Hopefully they will all be video going forward.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Get a good deal on a 10 pack of action cams or what?

Would you guys consider a review of Plural Eyes Software?

Red Giant has HORRIBLE compatibility problems with many different brands of cameras and codecs but the software has potential if they can get the compatibility problems solved

They just need a good kick in the ass from some very public reviews

Go-Pro's have excellent Mic's don't they? (compared to other action-cams)
The quality control of identical vidcam mics today is so good that EQ'ing the audio for one mic gives you the EQ curve for all the identical camera mics

But I now use portable audio recorders on my belt with lav mic's jacked in to eliminate all the extra computers, mixers and desk mic's.

I use a combo of 1080p action cams close up and high zoom 1080p camcorders for getting awesome sound while zooming in for those Hawaii 50 zoom's but with excellent sound as well (remember the Jack Lord intro on Original Hawaii 50?)

When recording in the field, less is more, but only if we can get Plural Eyes to actually work with the codecs available

Would you guys consider a review of their free trial software?
(you could have more desktop space for chips :)



So MaximumPC is getting smaller by the year it appears.


The Mac

it does feel like Gordon, Tom, and Jimmy are running the show by themselves. You never see anyone else post here.

They better not kill my paper mag however.


maverick knight

The never settle bundle most of the time was pointless because gamers already own the games. By having a code for an unreleased game makes the bundle more attractive.


The Mac

It has a time limit however, i believe its only a couple months.