No BS Podcast #213: State of the GPU wars, Windows 8.1, and Battlefield 4



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Your right, having to farm for points in games like BF4 is more work then play. We spend way to much time just trying to grind up our gear before we can focus on playing the damn game.

This is whats wrong with games now days and why I refuse to pay EA for BF3 or BF4. 0/10 will not buy and will not recommend.

Here is what games like BF4 need to do.

Let the community make maps for everyone.

Sale skins for guns, vehicles,and characters. <-None game changing mods.)

Make server admins pay so their players are ranked globally. If they don't pay then server stats are saved to the server and don't count as global stats.

Vote with your wallet people.


Bullwinkle J Moose

tom mcnamara ...

Simply Making a backup of Windows 8.1 is not enough...

For example,
Using Acronis for the backup, I tried backing up C: drive separately from the 350MB System drive and the restore failed

If you backup both the 350MB System Drive along with the C: (Boot Drive) in a single backup, the restore works fine on a clean disk without restoring the MBR info

Test your backups by restoring them before you EVER trust them or need them

Windows to Go also cannot be Fixed when you run into boot problems as the Install DVD only fixes boot issues with the Full installation of Windows 8.1 and does nothing for Windows to Go

That in itself is INSANE for any Enterprise contemplating Windows to Go with critical business data

Never use the Windows System Imager inside Windows 8.1 Trial either as you will definitely have problems restoring the Trial copy, whether fully installed or Win to Go and I believe they are limited to the original 90 days from 1st install as well

So remember....


Before you really need them

I backed up Win2Go "BEFORE" activation as well as "AFTER" Day 1 activation
That way, I can simply restore a NON-Activated copy to any internal or external drive and use it with any computer and activate it for 90 day as soon as I connect anytime within the next year
or, after it expires next year, I can restore the activated (Day 1) copy and use it offline to fix other computers for 90 days and then simply restore another copy for another 90 days or use the rearm "feature" without restoring another copy



Actually that pretty insightful Bullwinkle, wish more of your posts are like these. You might not like win8, but at least in this post you're giving some suggestions. :O



He's not ranting about XP > Win8 and being helpful/insightful? I don't think that's the real Bullwinkle. maybe his account was hacked :P



the rearm does nothing. i am guessing you're using Enterprise edition?? as that is the only version to create a windows to go officially wise. Unofficial, any version of windows 8 can become windows to go with a simple Gimagex tool :). In windows 8 in general there is no grace period. it is either unactivated or activated with the exception of windows 8 enterprise that only gives you 10 days to activate with a eval license that grants you 90's days.

But technically, i've been testing one copy of windows 8 unactivated for a few months now. The only thing i see is that nagging fullscreen every hour or more that says "you must activate your copy of Windows" i just ignore and close it. So quite frankly i have yet to see any restrictions on a unactivated copy other than that nagging full screen and the watermark of the windows build version at the lower right corner.

So my point is that if your are finalizing an image before activating. Who cares if its unactivated until you're done finalizing the image. Its just weird that an unactivated copy you can technically get by lol.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Actually, I've never used the rearm trick but read that it still works with 8.1 Trial (Enterprise) so I added that bit in the post

It's just so easy to restore a backup every 90 days to eliminate any hidden malware that my antivirus never found kinda makes rearm pointless

I had really bad luck trying to make backups with the Windows imaging tool and found the backups expired after 90 days from the original activation date even though they were restored to an "OFFLINE" computer

Acronis backups seem to be valid for 90 days even if you restore them 20 years from now to an offline computer, assuming that you made the backup on day 1 of the activation

If I am wrong about this, please show me step by step how to make a Windows 8.1 image with the backup tools supplied by Microsoft

Does anyone know if you can restore an "Installed" copy of Windows 8.1 to a new drive after the old one dies like you can with Acronis backups of Win2Go or are the Full installations tied to a single hardware profile?

I haven't tried that "yet"



I've been reading articles from other sites that have dropped GPU temps significantly with a change of thermal interface and some sites changing both thermal interface material and the cooling solution for a a huge drop in temps and enabling way more overclocking too for reference card models.



No Video guys!? Bummer man!


Insula Gilliganis

I just downloaded the podcast but haven't listened to it yet so I might have more comments.. but first am going to repeat what I wrote (with a few edits) for the last podcast since it still applies..

"I have harped on this several times before (too no avail) but why does it take so long from recording to posting? This time it was eight days (edit: ten days this time) between recording and web posting. There doesn't seem to be any post production done on at least the MP3 version (I never watch the video version) so why can't it be posted for download within a couple of days of broadcast? I can understand the video version taking some time but why does the MP3 version need to be held back until the video is ready? (edit: YES I read your disclaimer about putting THIS episode's MP3 out before the video.. but still not posted until ten days after recording) It gets tiring listening to you all discuss and speculate about things that happened several weeks ago which many times I have already read about at countless websites and already know the answers to much of your speculation. Instead of having your intern work on yet ANOTHER rant intro, how about having him/her/them do something more useful, like get the podcast out faster!!"

I only keep pestering you guys about this because this is a GOOD podcast.. but it loses its freshness and interest for me the longer it takes for you to post it for download. It really is like reading yesterday's news.. not too exciting. Why do you go through the trouble of producing the podcast, then not post it for over a week? The world moves on and whatever you just discussed becomes less relevant the longer it takes to actually hear your discussion!! Anyway to hear/see it LIVE on Youtube or via Google hangout? Is it really asking a lot to have you post the MP3 two or three days after recording? I doubt no matter how seriously busy you are with the magazine, that time frame isn't unreasonable!!

Apparently I am the only one who cares about this.. and, if that is so, then keep the status quo going but I won't be around to be annoyed by it.



I've bitched about this also. Things kind of went to shit when Will and Norm went to Tested way back when. I think they may be finally getting a hand on this, tho. Until this anyway lol. I wonder if they quit posting stuff on the site then printing it in the mag. Unfortunately, I can't find the mag on the shelves anymore so...



See my note above. We're also suspending the video production for the time being as it's delaying things to the point where it's unacceptable in my opinion. We've tried to get it up quickly each time and are constantly running into issues. We are going audio-only for the near future in an effort to get them up quickly. Thanks as always for your feedback!


Insula Gilliganis

Thanks Josh for your message! Yes I did see your note.. hence why I wrote "YES I read your disclaimer about putting THIS episode's MP3 out before the video.. but still not posted until ten days after recording)" :-) Will now stop bugging you about the time delay as I have made my point and you are aware of it.

Perhaps you should survey how people consume the podcast as maybe hardly anyone watches the video version (I never do), hence no reason to even attempt making one. Even a video enriched site like Twit.TV is still mostly consumed via audio downloads (Leo Laporte has said this many times). Podcast #212 on YouTube has 1,887 views.. #211 has 2,155.. #210 has 1,323.. #209 has 2,661.. what are the numbers for the audio downloads?

I just noticed the Podcast commercial.. was very good until Gordon says "a bottle of what the f**k".. kind of spoiled it with that!!

Sorry you are having video issues. I could see some value in doing the occasional video version if the podcast was going to be chock full of equipment being shown off or visual aids being used, but that has rarely happened since you started the video version. I see no value in watching you all just sit in a room and talk.

Just got the Holiday 2013 issue late last week.. very good issue!!



Speaking of the GPU wars and the R9 290...I can't wait for non reference designs.

Just replacing the stock heatsink on the 290 works wonders.,3671-4.html