No BS Podcast #212: GPU Wars, Broadwell delayed, and Battlefield 4



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Insula Gilliganis

Halloween Treats
- Lively, interesting discussion
- Gordon was particularly enthusiastic during his rant

Charlie Brown's rocks
- music too loud and Tom too soft
- too much interruption during Gordon's rant
- information somewhat dated

Verdict - 6

* I have harped on this several times before (too no avail) but why does it take so long from recording to posting? This time it was eight days between recording and web posting. There doesn't seem to be any post production done on at least the MP3 version (I never watch the video version) so why can't it be posted for download within a couple of days of broadcast? I can understand the video version taking some time but why does the MP3 version need to be held back until the video is ready? It gets tiring listening to you all discuss and speculate about things that happened several weeks ago which many times I have already read about at countless websites and already know the answers to much of your speculation. Instead of having your intern work on yet ANOTHER rant intro, how about having them do something more useful, like get the podcast out faster!!

* Off topic but the podcast did mention AMD CPUs..

Insula Gilliganis
July 18, 2013 at 2:16pm

"go buy this CPU.. NOW, then get it in Gordon's hands and have him test it until it melts!! There is no freakin' excuse you can't do this!!"

July 18, 2013 at 2:36pm

"We're working on it :)"

Tom.. you still working on this? The FX-9590 is now half the price it was back in July.. why hasn't this been reviewed??



I enjoy all the video casts, and sometimes learn something I didn't know in the process. Keep up the good work, and hope to watch more frequent casts.

Heath Harris
CIS Network Adminstrator



Thanks Guys, that was fun and ultra preemo.
I may even lesson to it again.
Keep them coming when ever you have the time.

Happy Holloween!!!

PS Why don't witches ware panties when they fly on their broom?

To get a better Grrrrrrrrriiiiiiip! LOL



Tip the frikken bathroom guy! Like you guys said... he stands there all day smelling shit and listening to people shit lol.



why's it take so long for these to appear on iTunes? Instead of waiting for the podcast to appear on iTunes, i have to download the YouTube audio.




You're a knowledgible, likable guy, but you gotta project your voice or turn up your mic to compensate for your very soft spoken voice. We want to hear what you have to say Bud!



Agreeing with the rest. Hell, I made an account just to say this.

You guys have to work on fixing volume for everyone. One second everyone is all quiet talking softly, so I have to turn my volume up to hear everything clearly. Then the next second someone starts to talk fast and with passion. BAM BOOM BAM BAM *approximation of what I hear* my ear buds feel like they were getting the gigitty on with a monkey and that bird that hits trees quickly with its beak. So I turn the volume down. And then everyone is talking like slenderman is right behind them.

I friggen love this podcast, even though it sometimes takes a really long time to set up, but the voice volume is vital. Like, there is one dude that always talks really quietly (I think the one with glasses) or that might be pcgamer, but regardless, you got some really softly spoken dudes there and then really thunderous dudes too.

Also, I subscribe to your magazine and often times miss out on like two issues for the year, which makes me very sad. They seem to get lost or something on the way very often, so I end up just listening to your podcast instead.

Hopefully this is actually read by someone from maxpc and not just collapse into the inadvertent "I made a bajillion dollars from home by sitting on my buttucks all day doing some brainless excel stuff while watching doctor who on the side" spam.



AGREED! The studio mic gain is set way too low when compared to the sound tracks used during the podcast. Guys, no amatuer hour here please! Get your sound guy to verify the quality control before you start your next cast! Interns are nice, but are just that - beginners and are NOT fully trained up on the working process...yet. Thanks for listening.

Regardless of our gripes of mic volume, the podcast was great and I loved the content - keep it up!!