No BS Podcast #210: Ballmer's Retirement, Nvidia Shield and Netgear takes Asus to Court



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The Oakley "kitchen sink" will fit the bill. Its not cheap, but its a "maximum-bag"...


Insula Gilliganis

- I usually diss Gordon in some way but will say that, without his presence, the podcast seemed less energetic than usual, but still enjoyable. Using the "Gordon Soundboard" only helps to emphasis how funny and genuinely angry he USE TO BE on the podcasts.

-Three weeks is too long to go between podcasts (yeah.. yeah.. had a magazine to publish.. had a holiday somewhere in there.. I know the drill)

- Concering the question about SSD power savings over HDD, has the typical battery life boost of using a SSD instead of a HDD in a notebook as being 30+ minutes ( Tom's Hardware recently ran an article where several SSDs were tested along with a Seagate Momentus 5400.6 HDD. The Seagate actually had a smaller "average power rating (W)" than a couple of the SSDs reviewed, but "actual power used (mW) was higher over all the SSDs. One interesting tidbit from Tom's article was that the HDD had lower "average CPU utilization" than all the SSDs, but still was the slowest drive tested by a wide margin (,3269-7.html)

- About two other of the topics discussed, the article Josh was referring to concerning the Zalman Resorator can be found in the Holiday 2005 issue, pg. 76.. Josh gave it a 9/Kick Ass!! And the Holiday 2005 issue can be found, with all of it's ads, at Google Books.. ( Almost all the MaximumPC issues, up until Dec 2008, can be found on Google Books. Try something like "Google Book Downloader" to copy them. Unfortunately, no "boot" issues can be found there.



Wow, look at that look of demonic determination on Ballmers face. Who wouldn't want this guy running their company. lol



Bro ! Check out Shure's SE series in ears. the foam provides excellent sound isolation and accuracy, and the combination of the foam ear tips and wire wrap around in the ear piece keep them in place while running / active. use them drumming daily!



'Josh Norem: Down For Everyone or Just Me'

There's a much better solution, I found it a few months ago, it's called "IS IT DOWN RIGHT NOW?" and can be found here:

Also can someone please time-link directly to the Netgear/Asus part?



Awesome, thanks for the tip. Here's the lawsuit chat:



You're welcome. Believe me, you'll find IIDRN a lot better than the one you know, I actually stopped using DFEOJM as soon as I found IIDRN and haven't looked back since.

Thanks for the link, as it's the only thing in the podcast that interests me.