No BS Podcast #207: AMD's 5GHz CPU, the State of the PC Industry, Incoming Surface Refresh, and Reader Questions!



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Thank you for the nice audio quality and even some video effects.


An idea for your TV show is to have Norton and McAfee combat the FBI virus as described at With computer crime increasing every year your TV show should be a hit!



interesting the comments regarding the decrease in computers- lately due to the economy i have had a rash of upgrades- people are bringing thier older am2 and am3 boxes in - i am able to increase ram, power supply/video card and the OS for a good price- and get them out the door for cheaper than a new build.

they don;t care about ssd drives, usb 3 or anything else i tell them- they are looking at finances and the kids using the computer for school for the first time.

yes tablets took out a chunk - but we are still in a bad economy- give it another year or two - i think sales will come back (unless Microsoft keeps screwing up windows)



The new intern looks like a younger version of Wolverine's brother-right?!


Julian Reiche

I get this all the time! Although, I am still trying to determin if Liev Schreiber would be willing to hire me as a double.  



Man, you know, the Liev double thing is something you ought to look into(No joking:)

Welcome aboard!

Keith Brannan



on the podcast they get into cases with wheels, and fail to mention the entire cooler master series of cases all of the HAF cases come with casters included and can be had for under 100 dollars off the cooler master website!
normally I don't touch refurb gear but its a case what can be wrong with it?



So we give our Toasters connectivity.... what if our Toasters got a virus?

What would a Toaster virus be like?



It would make your toaster as annoying as The Brave Little Toaster...



talky toaster (the AI toaster): "want some toast? Always start your day off with toast! Are you ready for some toast?"

talky toaster (with virus): "want some ahhh-cho toast? Always cough start your day cough off with toast! Are ahh-choo you ready for some ah-choo toast?"



Didn't watch the whole thing but I wish I had your job =)



I think we all do...


Insula Gilliganis

- Josh, I know it is hard to believe but I have NOOOOOOO problems this week with your sound quality. Your production was flawless. Thanks for taking time to acknowledge mine and other people's concerns about the failings of the past few podcasts, and taking corrective actions to remedy the situation!! It is soo much easier to listen to the podcast when things sound good!!

- 4:46 - HOLY CRAP!! So THAT is how my "internet handle/username" sounds like when spoken!! After 7 years of using that name on this site as well on a few others, I wondered how it was pronounce.. and what you said sounded correct to me!! For the curious, my username is "Gilligan's Island" in Latin. Thanks Josh for reading my previous longggg, perhaps borderline lunatic ravings!!

- 8:57 - This is more of a sign that AMD doesn't mind producing an under-performing part for an overwhelming price!! The FX-9370 seems reasonably priced.. the FX-9590 should be no more than $100 above the 9370, especially since people have overclocked the FX-8350 to 9370 levels and above ( No reason this CPU should be four times as expensive as the 8350!!

- 12:13 - Guys with no common sense & perhaps too much $ will buy the FX-9590 mostly to try to enlarged their e-peen!! It really serves no other purpose!!

- 12:40 - prestige? Why do all the Internet tech sites give AMD a pass by calling this a 5.0GHz CPU?? Honestly, which will it run more at.. 4.7GHz or 5.0? When did the turbo speed become the "default" speed? Just marketing BS that everyone seemed to fall for and salivate about when writing about this CPU!!

- 15:21 - Once my wife got her iPad, she completely stopped using her desktop machine.. and, coincidentally, her "computer trouble shooting questions" to me also stopped!! This has to be one reason for the rise of tablets.. they work more reliably than traditional Windows desktops/laptops.

- 18:39 - There isn't someone who gets sales figures from places like Newegg.. or from manufacturers like Asus/MSI/Gigabyte and tracks this so it can actually be seen how much DYI equipment is being bought over time??

- 20:21 - Tablet screen small?? Not when it is like a foot away from your eyeballs like it seems to be when my wife uses her tablet.

- 21.50 - Anyone who just checks email, a few websites and plays some games on their computer would probably be wasting their money buying anything BUT a Chromebook. When just using a browser, there aren't all that many support questions to answer. Helps to have auto updating of the OS and no problems with viruses (at least not yet). Gordon dissed the Chromebook last podcast but this just came out yesterday.. "Samsung Chromebook is Top Selling Notebook on Amazon" (

- 23:06 - "death of the PC" - I have argued before that the "post-PC era" really means not the total disappearance of the desktop but their replacement of "other computer-like" devices as the center of our computer lives. Don't most things evolve so why shouldn't computers. For basically 30 years, from 1975 to 2007, they were boxes on our desks or floor. But now so many other devices can do many of the things that only computers once could do, so it is just natural that if these other devices can be mobile and taken with us, they will probably be used more than that box on our desk/floor.

- 25:14 - Robert Scoble, on the latest "Gillmor Gang" (, said that he sees kids going away from traditional computers & consoles and using tablets & phones more & more. You can question a lot about Scoble but he certainly isn't stupid and his job is to spot trends. But from personal experience, I have seen my teenage son, as he has gotten older, move away from consoles and more towards the PC (and phone as well).

- 28:55 - Gordon is Me?? What?? There actually has been some "debate" that Gordon is actually posing as me and posting this steam of consciousness that overcomes me every two weeks after listening to the podcast?? Just glad Gordon's wife can tell the difference between us and wakes up the "correct" one at 2am!! Yeah.. Josh agrees with me on TOO MANY STAR WAR rants!!

- 35:08 - I like listening to Julian.. reminds me of a hockey player being interviewed during intermission!! :-)

- 46:15 - I know a lot of people HATE Tom's Hardware, so consider the source.. but lately Tom's "Best Gaming CPUs For The Money" articles have had advising "CPUs priced over $220 offer rapidly diminishing returns when it comes to performance in games. As such, we have a hard time recommending anything more expensive than the Core i5-3570K". Tom's feels that upgrading to anything faster than a i5-3570K doesn't really add to gaming performance.. anything faster than an i5-3570K is going to be maxing out the CPU side of things. For any better gaming performance, will then need to go to the GPU side of things.

Gordon was mentioning wanting to test a i7-930.. according to Tom's "CPU Heirarchy" chart (,3106-5.html), in general, a i7-930 is a couple of "tiers" down in gaming performance than most four core Intel CPUs released during the past couple of years. The recommendation is that a CPU upgrade should be "at least three tiers higher. Otherwise, the upgrade is somewhat parallel and you may not notice a worthwhile difference in game performance." Tom's also has a "GPU Heirarhcy" chart.

Interestingly, although Tom's hasn't yet tested a FX-9590, it has that CPU placed in their "CPU Heirarchy" chart at the same "tier" as these Intel CPUs..

Core i7-980, -970, -960
Core i7-870, -875K
Core i3-3225, -3240, -3220, -3210, -2100, -2105, -2120, -2125, -2130

- 53:32 - Josh saying "marketing term".. think that way also about the 5.0GHz on the FX-9590!!

- 57:07 - A lot of my Dad's Windows problems went away when I got him to switch from IE to Chrome!!

- 74:30 - Julian, unfortunately former EIC Michael Brown isn't around any more to help you test that hard drive enclosure, but you can read about how he did his own such testing back in 1990s on pg. 2 of the March, 2005 issue!! I think you know where the PDFs can be found.

- 84:36 - I believe Gordon is saying that toasters need a "ludicrous speed" setting on them!!

- 86:30 - Good reason to have JavaScript off!!

- 88:48 - Gordon "Windows search works.. kind of" I feel the same way about Windows 8!!

- Gordon, your TV show idea sucked but your "Sharks on a Plane" idea is a winner.. run with it!! My wife usually likes watching those 'grade c" Syfy channel "far-fetched disaster, Earth is going to be destroyed by something, freakishly over-sized and human blood loving monster" movies.. but she didn't want to watch "Sharknado" which surprised me!! I have only watched one such Syfy movie complete from beginning to end and that was last summer.. some super large and ill tempered Sasquatch killing people near Mount Rushmore.. only reason I watched is because I wanted to see how bad Danny Bonaduce and Barry (Greg Brady of the Brady Bunch) Sullivan could act!! The movie was as bad as I thought it could be.. any movie where the best acting is done by Alice Cooper, you know it is upchuck material!!

As for the rant in general.. I think it "jumped the Sharknado"!!

Off tomorrow with my Kaiju-loving pre-teen son to see "Pacific Rim"!!

Sorry but a bit of self promotion of me.. and the MaxPC forums.. I recently posted my prediction of the equipment that will be used on Dream Machine 2013 here--> .. so feel free to go see what I wrote and then, once the September issue comes out, laugh hysterically at how badly I did with my soothsaying!!