No BS Podcast #88a: The We've Got Zombie Fever Edition

Maximum PC Staff

Zombie Fever rages on at Maximum PC. We put aside our constant discussion of Left4Dead to answer reader questions. Little did we know, but the question queue had been invaded by... you guessed it -- Zombies. Honest folks, we tried to get back to talking about tech, but about 75% of the questions in the queue were undead-related. So, we pulled out our auto-shottys, loaded our akimbo pistols, and settled down to answer a whole boatload of reader questions about the upcoming zombie apocalypse, and give a little upgrading advice along the way. Join the podcast gang as we answer your tech questions, take a trip to the Lab, and get another dose of Gordon Mah Ung's Rant of the Week!

Do you have a tech question? A comment? A tale of technological triumph? Just need to get something off your chest? A secret to share? Email us at or call our 24-hour No BS Podcast hotline at 877.404.1337 x1337 --operators are standing by. For the love of all that's holy people, if you guys don't start asking tech questions, we're going to change the name to the Nothing But Undead podcast...


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