No BS Podcast #227: Haswell-E Rumors, Windows 9 Speculation, and More

Jimmy Thang

Plus, a Raspberry Pi competitor, Alienware's $3600 Titan-Z system, reader questions, and more!

This week on episode 227 of the No BS Podcast , the Maximum PC crew came together to chat about a supposed leak of Haswell-E specs and weigh the likelihood of a Windows 9 release this year.  We also debate whether or not we'd buy Alienware's newest made-to-order system (is it a deal, or is the Titan-Z still not worth it?), and the potential of a souped-up competitor to the Raspberry Pi board, called the HummingBoard , for pet projects.  All this plus staff picks, questions from readers, and a particularly spirited rant from Gordon.

Editors' Picks

Tom McNamara: Divinity: Original Sin

Jimmy Thang: Steam In-Home Streaming

Alaina Yee: Valiant Hearts

Gordon Ung: Software by "Ungsoft" (…still in development…)

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Jimmy Thang

Jimmy Thang has been Maximum PC's Online Managing Editor since 2012, and has been covering PC hardware and games for nearly a decade. His particular interests currently include VR and SFF computers.

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