No BS Podcast #225: Steam Machine Delays, Cheap 4K Monitors, and More

Jimmy Thang

Plus, Android laptops, reader questions, and more!

This week, on episode 225 of the No BS podcast , the Maximum PC gang gathered to flap their lips to wonder if it’s time to ask if Steam Machines are losing steam and spill detail’s on Intel’s Pentium “K” and Devil’s Canyon parts. The crew also talks abou the possibility of cheap 4K monitors and ponders if any of them would actually want to run a 4K monitor at home over a standard 1080P panel. There’s also a lively discussion about why HP would put Android on a its new laptop and if Chromebooks are “worthless.” That plus staff picks, questions from readers, and a full helping of bile and sarcasm from one of Gordon’s signature rants.

Editors' Picks

Tom McNamara: CPU-Z for Android

Jimmy Thang: Hover Hound Chrome Extension

Gordon Ung: Half Life 2 on Nvidia Shield

Alaina Yee: Word Lens app ( iTunes ) ( Android )

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Jimmy Thang

Jimmy Thang has been Maximum PC's Online Managing Editor since 2012, and has been covering PC hardware and games for nearly a decade. His particular interests currently include VR and SFF computers.

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