No BS Podcast #215: OCZ Sells Out, PC Sales Shrink, and AMD's FX CPUs

Maximum PC Staff

OCZ sells its SSD business to Toshiba, PC enthusiasts have stopped upgrading, and is AMD giving up on the FX platform?

Welcome to episode #215 of the No BS Podcast where we talk about nothing but gloom and doom for the PC industry. We begin with the recent sale of OCZ's SSD business to Toshiba , and what it means for current and future customers. We discuss the latest report from IDC which predicts PC sales will have declined by over 10 percent in 2013 because PC users have no reasons to upgrade. Finally, we consider the possibility of AMD abandoning the fight with Intel. We wrap up with our Editors' Picks and Gordon delivers a fiery sermon on a range of topics that includes Star Wars and e-mail.

Editor's Picks

Clark Crisp: Roccat Kone XTD mouse

Tom McNamara : Shadow Warrior Remake

Katherine Stevenson: Windows 8's Snipping Tool

Josh Norem: Prank Christmas Boxes/ The Pet Petter

Gordon Ung: Diamond Select Communicator and Phaser

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