No BS Podcast #213: State of the GPU wars, Windows 8.1, and Battlefield 4

Maximum PC Staff

State of the GPU wars, Windows 8.1, and Battlefield 4

On episode #213 of the No BS Podcast we continue our reporting from the front lines of the GPU war between Nvidia and AMD. Next, we break down Battlefield 4's launch issues and compare them to Battlefield 3's. Finally, we ruminate over the arrival of Windows 8.1 and the state of Microsoft before wrapping things up with our editor picks. Gordon then delivers an epic rant on the ever-present anti-PC bias in the media.

Editor's Note - This podcast was recorded on November 8th in both audio and video formats. Since then we have been working on editing and uploading the video portion, but have experienced issues with the feed, post production, and Youtube. Rather than delay things any further we are releasing the audio instead of waiting for the video to be finished. Thanks for your patience.

Editor's Picks

Tom McNamara : Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut

Josh Norem: First Gen Google Nexus 7 Can I Stream It?

Jimmy Thang: PdaNet+

Gordon Ung: Nvidia Shield

Katherine Stevenson: Trailer Addict

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