No BS Podcast #205: E3, Haswell-E, the Mac Pro, and Those Next-Gen Consoles

Tom McNamera

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With Mecha-Intern Chris Zele busy battling new challenger intern Julian-Zilla for desk space, the podcast was left to the gang of five staff editors: Deputy Editor Gordon Mah Ung, Associate Editor Tom McNamara, Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang, Editor-in-Chief Katherine Stevenson, and podcast host/Senior Editor Josh Norem.

In episode #205 of the No BS Podcast , the crew talks about the huge E3 tradeshow, where Sony and Microsoft fully unveiled their curiously PC-like consoles. Also in the mix: The future of the LGA 2011 socket, and new swear words from Gordon that you can try out on your friends and family! (Note: Maximum PC can not be held responsible for the curse words you say to your friends and family).

Note: We apologize for the low quality sound in the first couple of minutes. We had to use the camera's audio in the beginning because the mics were experiencing some issues.

Editor's Picks:

Tom: Dishonored

Gordon: Seidio Active Case

Josh: Firefox , All India Radio

Jimmy: Bioshock Infinite

Katherine: Google 2-Step Authentication

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