No BS Podcast #203: Nvidia's GeForce GTX 780, Reader Questions, and an Intern Rant

Tom McNamera

GTX 780 mega-podcast!

We were busy little bees this time and could only spare three people: host and Senior Editor Josh Norem, Associate Editor Tom McNamara, and legendary intern Chris Zele. Ironically, we spent most of our time jabbering on about Nvidia's newest high-end video card, the GTX 780 . We didn't have the MSRP in time for the taping of episode of #203 of the Maximum PC No BS Podcast , but you can't let missing things like "facts" stop you from having an opinion!

We also tackled reader questions, one of which was about the systems we used at home. So if anyone else was on the edge of their seat and waiting for this information, your day has finally arrived. Also, with Gordon unavailable, we had Chris do his rant at the end. We'll let you judge the results.

Note: We're having our video-editing monkey slave away at editing the video. Provided he doesn't keel over, we'll embed it as soon as we can!

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