No BS Podcast #202: Intel's New Atom, Adobe Creative Cloud, Windows 8 Sales, and More!

Tom McNamera

Now with HD video!

Now that we have a fifth microphone and a video camera, everybody's in the pool. That's 20% more Maximum PC than typical, at no additional charge! (Shipping and handling fees may apply.) You can watch us interrupt each other on our official Youtube channel , which also has videos of our previous video podcasts, and an assortment of other free amusements!

As usual, in episode 202 of the Maximum PC No BS Podcast , our host and Senior Editor Josh Norem wrangled the crew, which included Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang, Deputy Editor Gordon Mah Ung, Editor-in-Chief Katherine Stevenson, and Associate Editor Tom McNamara. Our Superhero Intern-Man Chris Zele was busy saving puppies from a burning building. This time, we covered:

- Intel's completely overhauled low-power Atom CPU

- Adobe going cloud-only with its "Creative Suite" programs

- Windows 8 passing 100 million sales

- Seagate entering the retail solid-state drive market

- Rumors of a smaller Windows Surface tablet

- And finally, Gordon whispering sweet nothings in your ear!

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