No BS Podcast #201: Ivy Bridge-E, AMD 7990, and Windows MacBook Pro

Jimmy Thang

The Real 200th Episode

Remember how people were complaining that the year 2000 wasn't really the year 2000 and that 2001 was really the year 2000? Like that debacle, with us never publishing episode 150 of the No BS Podcast, you can similarly consider Episode 201 to be the real 200th episode if you feel inclined.

The podcast room got crowdy this time around with a five-man crew that was lead with podcast host and Editor Josh Norem speaking with Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang, Associate Editor Tom McNamara, Super Intern Chris Zele, and the always charismatic Deputy Editor Gordon Mah Ung. This week the crew tackles a wide variety of topics that include:

- Leaked Ivy Bridge-E benchmarks

- AMD unveils its official AMD 7990 video card

- Corsair 350D (aka the 900D mini)

- New Ubuntu 13.04 arrives

- Macbook Pro as the best Windows laptop ?

- Our Editor's Picks

- This random video of actor Michael Shannon reading this insane letter from a crazy sorority girl

- And rants from Gordon!

The MacBook Pro is the best Windows laptop? We think not.

Note: A video version of the podcast is also in the works, but we ask that you please be patient with us as we whip our video monkeys back into shape.

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-Maximum PC Staff

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