No BS Podcast #197: All Rants Edition

Jimmy Thang

All of Gordon's epic rants from 2012!

"Could ya'll possibly make an 'all rant edition' podcast this year like there have been in previous years? I liked those episodes of all the rants from the past year cut up into one." – user steven4570

Catzilla has nothing on Gordzilla

Well, steven4570, be careful what you wish for because we listened and have unleashed hell's wrath…or at least Gordon's. Yes, that's right, we have assembled all of Gordon's rants from 2012 and have compiled them into one rant-fest that shall be known as Maximum PC's No BS Podcast episode #197 . In this retrospective edition, Deputy Editor Gordon Mah Ung rages over such topics such as Star Wars, Apple, and consoles. The rants were plucked from episode #182 all the way up to episode #193. It is almost three hours long so if you've got a weak stomach for passionate hatred, you may want to listen in small doses!

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-Maximum PC Staff

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Jimmy Thang

Jimmy Thang has been Maximum PC's Online Managing Editor since 2012, and has been covering PC hardware and games for nearly a decade. His particular interests currently include VR and SFF computers.

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