No BS Podcast #193: Asus Pronunciation, Intel's Future Plans, and More

Jimmy Thang

Apocalypse Edition

No, the world didn't end and thankfully so, as we're able to give you guys episode 193 of the No BS Podcast ! Filling out the seats just in time for the Holidays are Editor Josh Norem, Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang, Deputy Editor Gordon Mah Ung, and Editor-in-Chief Katherine Stevenson. This time around we discuss a wide variety of topics that include:

- Intel's future socket plans

- Asus' pronunciation

- The top news stories of 2012

- Valve confirms its working on Steambox

- Your submitted questions!

If you have something you've been burning to ask us, by all means, let us know! You can reach us in the comments section here or through our other channels below:

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Maximum PC podcast email

- Voicemail: 877-404-1337 x1337

Thanks for listening!

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