No BS Podcast #192: We-Tear-Through-Your-Questions Edition!

Jimmy Thang

We admit it — we’ve fallen behind on reader questions over the past, oh, year or so. Sorry about that. To make up for it Deputy Editor Gordon Ung, Intern Chris Zele, Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang, and Editor Josh Norem have pulled together to answer a backlog of reader questions in No BS Podcast #192 (Warning: we use "adult language"…a lot). First we yank a few questions from the voicemail inbox, and then we tackle questions from twitter, and then finally face questioning on Facebook. After the Q/A session, Gordon steps up onto his soapbox and delivers an impassioned plea regarding tablets. It’s an hour and a half of nothing but your questions and Gordon’s untreated psychosis.

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Jimmy Thang

Jimmy Thang has been Maximum PC's Online Managing Editor since 2012, and has been covering PC hardware and games for nearly a decade. His particular interests currently include VR and SFF computers.

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