No BS Podcast #190: Gordon Returns and an Intern Appears

Jimmy Thang

This week it’s a full-house in the Podcast room as Deputy Editor Gordon Ung is back from vacation (and IDF) and is joined by Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang, Editor Josh Norem and our new intern Chris Zele who was offered the gig despite previously working for the Geek Squad at Best Buy.

Kicking things off we have Gordon dishing the dirt he uncovered at the Intel Developer’s Forum. He tells us all about all the gear he saw including Intel’s Ivy Bridge successor, code-named Haswell . He then tells us what he thinks about AMD’s current situation. We also talk about new GPUs from Nvidia and possibly AMD , how Borderlands 2 is awesome, the Dream Machine article which was (finally) posted online, everyone’s favorite Apple phone and Steam’s new Big Picture mode .

To wrap things up we answer your questions from Facebook and Twitter , and Gordon concludes the show with a profanity-laden rant about – what else? – the iPhone 5 .

Click here to listen to the podcast. You can also subscribe to us on iTunes . And if we need to spell it out even further, this podcast is made by adults, for adults, and foul language is present  - you have been warned.

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