No BS Podcast #186: The Second-Loneliest Number

Nathan Edwards

If one is the loneliest number, two is the second-loneliest number. Right? Episode 186 of the No BS Podcast finds Deputy Editor Gordon Mah Ung and Senior Editor Nathan Edwards trapped together in the podcasting studio, trying not to freak out.

We couldn't avoid talking about the new MacsBook Pro and Air (just a little bit), but then get back to our roots with talk of three Z77 motherboards, some trouble in SSD-land, Origin vs Steam smack talk, and more Windows 8 thoughts. Baby Duck Syndrome! Design patents! "It's all, what do you call it, subjective."

Nathan reports back from his trip to the Palo Alto Microsoft Store, we wave goodbye to the old Lab, introduce our new benchmark suite, and give just a few hints about this year's Dream Machine.

Nathan rebuilds his home machine for no good reason, Gordon mixes up the Brat and the Rat Pack, and we argue about whether we even need optical drives anymore.

Gordon rants about the internet dying, constant superhero movie reboots, and government-funded superhero teams.

By the way, if you haven't picked up the Humble Bundle V , you have less than a day!

And, of course, much more. So much we should probably start keeping notes or something. Tune in next time; we'll have guests! Guests to fill the gaping hole in our hearts and podcasts.

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