No BS Podcast #185: No Star Wars Edition

Nathan Edwards

Coming to you only slightly late, it's the real Episode 185 of the No BS Podcast ! Join Deputy Editor Gordon Ung, Online Managing Editor Alex Castle, and Senior Editor Nathan Edwards as we go an entire two hours without arguing about Star Wars !

What do we talk about? Nvidia's dual-GPU GTX 690, AMD's answer to that, Trinity, Ivy Bridge (and the overclocking thereof), the merits of integrated graphics, and so much more. Then: Target vs Amazon vs Best Buy vs the IRS! A new computer in a Commodore 64 chassis! Testing headphones! MMOs! Diablo III! The Walking Dead game! And a dizzying number of reader questions answered!

And, of course, there's a new non-Star-Wars-related Rant of the Month, and buried at the end, an important announcement from Alex.

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