No BS Podcast 101: We're on Candid Camera


You guys asked for a video podcast, and we've delivered. Sort of. In the first post-controversial-musical edition of the No BS Podcast , we experimented with streaming video of the show live on Will twittered about the show once we got the webcams set up, and 40 people jumped into the channel to watch Gordon, Will, Norm, and Alex chat about this week's news and last week's regrets (spoiler: we have none). Download the MP3 (it's much longer than 21 minutes) and sync up the audio to the video recording on ustream. Be sure to follow us on Twitter as well, so you can find out when we do our next live podcast recording. If you're willing to watch the live feed , we're more than happy to broadcast it.

Do you have a tech question? A comment? A tale of technological triumph? Just need to get something off your chest? A secret to share? Email us at or call our 24-hour No BS Podcast hotline at 877.404.1337 x1337 --operators are standing by.


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