Nintendo's First Loss in Three Decades is a Doozy

Paul Lilly

If you're an investor who owns stock in Nintendo, you may have received a financial note that states, "Thank you investor! But our revenue is in another castle!" Not all of it, mind you, but a significant chunk of Nintendo's revenue was a no-show for the game maker's fiscal year ended March 31, 2012. Nintendo posted a loss totaling more than half a billion dollars on $8 billion in revenue, part of which is due to selling 3DS handheld consoles below cost.

Nintendo actually sold 13.5 million 3DS devices, a nice number if not for the fact that it's losing money on hardware. Wii sales, meanwhile, totaled just 9.84 million units, down from 15 million units one year ago. The list goes on. Nintendo DS sales plummeted to 5.1 million units, down from 17.5 million units one year prior, and Wii software sales totaled 102.3 million after topping 171 million a year ago.

Nintendo's $534.6 million loss is the company's first downward slide in its more than 30-year reporting history (as a company, Nintendo is well over a century old), according to The New York Times . It's also a huge turnaround from just one year ago when Nintendo posted a $960.5 million profit on $12.6 billion in sales. The company hasn't hit the panic button, however, and expects its upcoming Wii U console to turn things around to the tune of $10.1 billion in projected revenue and $246.6 million in net income.

You can view Nintendo's consolidated financial statement here (PDF) .

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