Nintendo is Working on New Hardware, Says Miyamoto

Ryan Whitwam

There’s been much discussion of the reasons for the long life of the current generation of game consoles, but it looks like one of them may finally be on the way out. It turns out to be the one most in need of a hardware refresh, the Wii. According to a statement from Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo is currently working on new hardware .

There isn’t much to go on beyond that. The company has previously downplayed the need for a new version of the ultra-successful Wii. It is possible we will just see a slightly modified Wii console, and not an entirely new generation?

So in a year you could find yourself with a Wii HD, or maybe just a Wii that lets you dock that DSi XL you totally have. What would you want to see in a new Nintendo console? Does it need to have HD to compete?

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