Nintendo 3DS Set Aflame in Microwave Torture Test

Paul Lilly

Some things you definitely should not try at home, like microwaving electronic components. Leave it to the professionals and the crazies to take on such tasks, of which Kenny Irwin might be a little of both. Irwin operates the Microwave Show, a YouTube channel dedicated to popping various electronics into microwaves and recording the carnage. His latest experiment is Nintendo's 3DS handheld console.

The video is a little over 4 minutes in length, but the 3DS goes up in smoke, and then flames within seconds of being nuked at full power like a Hot Pocket. Be warned that the subsequent narration gets a little loud at times, and it sounds like Irwin is a little off his rocker, which we suppose you'd have to be in order to microwave consoles and other toxic items, but there's a reason for his madness. At the end of the video, Irwin scoops up what's left of the charred 3DS console and announces it's available on Ebay for $1,000. With as many hits as his videos get, he'll probably find a buyer.

Irwin's fame extends beyond just the Internet. According to CNet , he also appeared on the Conan O'Brien show. 3DS video below.

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