Nintendo 3DS On-Track to Beat DS First-Year Sales

Maximum PC Staff

When the Nintendo announced that 3DS sales weren’t living up to expectations, 3D skeptics were quick pile on. The company responded by sharply cutting the price, and while I have to admit even we were skeptical, it seems to be exactly what they needed to change their fortunes. According to the NPD group, the system has sold an impressive 1.65 million units in the USA year to date, putting the handheld on track to outsell its predecessor the Nintendo DS during the same period.

With Nintendo on shaky financial footing, this holiday season could be make or break for the gaming giant’s hardware endeavors. In its first year on the market the DS sold over 2.37 million units, but over half of these were during the holiday season. If the trend continues, the 3DS could sell upwards of 2.8 million, which is a pretty healthy installed base to bring 3rd party developers back on board.

First party titles will no doubt give the system a boost, but we have to wonder if kids are really looking for a 3DS under the tree this year. Parents looking to load up a gaming device with shovel ware have no doubt taken a liking to Apple’s $0.99 pricing structure, and the original DS never had to compete with the iPod Touch.

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