Nightmare's Over: Alan Wake Coming to PC After All

Maximum PC Staff

Well now, this is a pleasant surprise. When Alan Wake first launched, it was hailed as being part survival-horror, part Twin Peaks, and all console. But a PC port was on the way, they told us. Patience is a virtue. Watch and wait, and when the-- hey, what's that over there? Is it a bunny? It might be a bunny. No, wait, never mind. It's just a cancellation . But now it's un-cancelled because, well, this: “We weren't going to release a PC version... then we took an arrow to the knee.” Seriously. Remedy wrote it -- not us. The game's finally adding some Wake moments to our waking moments in “early 2012.” It'll also come bundled with both previously released DLC packs and tout “high resolution polish” to keep jaggies from stabbing your delicate PC gamer eyes. Now then, so long as we're rolling with the whole “surprise releases of 2010's greatest 'not gonna happen' hits” theme, can we have Red Dead Redemption? Pretty pleeeeease ?

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