Nightly Firefox Mockup is Chrome's Single White Female

Paul Lilly

Telling you that Mozilla's latest Firefox mockup is Chrome's "Single White Female" requires a little context. "Single White Female" is a suspense thriller from the early 1990s in which Bridget Fonda plays a newly single software engineer in need of a roommate. Enter Jennifer Jason Leigh who fulfills that role but turns out to be a psychotic nutcase obsessed with Fonda. In one scene, Leigh alters her wardrobe and hair style to look just like Fonda and, well, see where we're going with this?

If Hollywood decided to remake this movie casting browsers in place of actors/actresses, Chrome would be Bridget Fonda and Firefox would play the part of the creepy copycat completely obsessed with what the other is doing. That's not to rag on Firefox -- we chose it as the winner of our Browser Battle 2011 feature -- but it's no secret where it's design cues are coming from, and that's never been more evident than in Mozilla's latest design mock-up from one of Firefox's experimental nightly builds.

The mock-up is the most minimalistic looking Firefox yet. Gone is the search box as Mozilla moves all-in with a multi-talented URL bar with unified search and location. And if you spy a glance at the tabs, you'll notice the Mozilla rounded corners, just like Chrome.

This particular build is not a total Chrome clone, as the menus and button placement are slightly different. But even then, Mozilla's nightly build shows add-ons appearing as icons in the UI, again just like Chrome. Whether or not these design cues stick remains to be seen, however it's clear Mozilla is willing to take direction from Chrome, particularly as each respective browser's market share moves in opposite directions.

Image Credit: Mozilla

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