Nightly Big Thoughts, Small Talk - 7/2/08


We’re getting closer to July 4th, AKA Independence Day for those of us in the States. Is anyone planning on celebrating with booze and a barbeque, or is the long weekend just a good excuse to start a marathon session of Team Fortress 2? Fellow nerds, the correct answer is obvious. On to the news recap:

Don’t forget to download our latest podcast , located in the post right below this one! We shared our thoughts on the Diablo III announcement (spoiler: not all of us are enthusiastic), debated the merits of Vista 64-bit, and caught up on a lengthy backlog of listener questions.

Topic of discussion for tonight: If you aren’t on the iPhone bandwagon, what phone do you use and how happy are you with it? And if you were an iPhone early adopter, is the 3G model compelling enough for you to upgrade?

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