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Nexto eXtreme ND2700

At A Glance

Captain Pike

Blazing performance and the ability to easily dupe or sync USB storage devices.

Captain Styles

Interface is less friendly than a digital watch.

This portable photo drive actually delivers

Pardon us if we’re so oversaturated with so-called “extreme” potato chips and soda that we’re skeptical about anything bearing that moniker.

It doesn’t help that Nexto’s eXtreme ND2700 hardly looks the part. When we actually fired up the ND2700 and started copying files to it, however, we almost had to let out a whoop. Using a 16GB SanDisk, umm, Extreme III CF card, the ugly little ND2700 copied roughly 8.3GB of image files in 11:27 (min:sec). That’s about how fast it would take you to dump the files to your desktop via USB and that’s good news for people who think the microwave is too slow.

The unit supports CF, SD, SDHC, Memory Stick, and xD cards--and even has an eSATA port, too.

The ND2700 comes with a standard USB cable, as well as an eSATA cable and a short USB pig tail that lets you hook up a USB flash drive or hard drive so you can also back up all your files with the push of a button.

That is our main complaint with the unit. The interface is a single button, which can get tedious. A secondary complaint is the size. Our unit came with 160GB, which is kinda dinky. You can install your own SATA 2.5-inch drive but you’ll void the warranty in the process. The battery is rated for about 60GB of transfers.

Still, the upshot is that we’re impressed by the blazing performance of the ND2700—although the interface is a tad Captain Pike-ish, it’s livable and folks who want speed above all else won’t be displeased.


Nexto eXtreme ND2700

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