NextMail Messaging Service Nudges into All Sprint Devices

Paul Lilly

Sprint's HTO Evo 4G, the upcoming Epic 4G, and every other Sprint device is getting NextMail, a service that allows users to send a recorded voice message to up to 50 email addresses or text message addresses. Messages are sent with the push of a button (Direct Connect on a Nextel device, or Send on any other Sprint or Nextel phone).

"In today's business climate, companies need solutions that improve productivity, increase profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction," said Tom Roberts , vice president of Business Marketing, Sprint. "Historically available only on Nextel devices as an extension of Nextel Direct Connect, NextMail is an ideal solution for companies with highly mobile workers. Industries like construction, field services, distribution and many public sector entities will find NextMail to be a critical business tool to communicate with many people instantly, especially in places where typing isn't convenient, and to document thorough and accurate information."

NextMail runs $7.50 a month per user, or $20 a month per user for the Professional version. The Pro version adds the ability to include location information pulled from GPS, as well as attach pictures.

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