Next Generation SSDNow SSDs Twice as Fast as Before, Kingston Says

Paul Lilly

If climbing hard drive prices have you singing the mechanical storage blues, perhaps it's time to start shopping a solid state drive (SSD). You won't save any money by stepping up to an SSD, nor will you find one that offers a better price-to-gigabyte ratio than an HDD, but at least you'll know the price you paid isn't higher than what it was a month ago for the same drive. Need more temptation? Kingston says its next generation SSDNow Series for cheapskates entry-level, budget shoppers is packing nearly twice the performance as previous generation SSDs.

The new SSDNow V200 sports a SATA 6Gbps interface and is available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities. In addition to injecting more performance into these next gen drives, Kingston says they're also up to 20 percent less expensive than the SSDNow V100 Series.

Source: Kingston

Kingston's 64GB V200 drive is rated at up to 260MB/s sequential reads and up to 100MB/s sequential writes, the 128GB at 300MB/s and 190MB/s, and the 256GB at 300MB/s and 230MB/s. Each drive is available as a standalone unit or as part of an upgrade kit that includes the drive itself, cloning software, a DVD with step-by-step instructions, cables (SATA data and power), and a 3.5-inch mounting bracket.

So, what about price? That's a great question, and one Kingston neglected to answer. We'll update as soon as we find out more.

Image Credit: Kingston

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