News Flash: BitTorrent Serves Up Illegal Content


Researchers from the University of Ballarat's Internet Commerce Security Laboratory have it all wrong. Everyone knows BitTorrent is mostly used for downloading Linux distros and game demos, right? As it turns out, it's even hard to type that with a straight face.

It's no secret that BitTorrent is a popular tool for snagging copyrighted content, but is BitTorrent getting a bad rap? According to a new study , if anything, we might be underestimating just how much illegal content flows through the file sharing protocol.

The above mentioned researchers examined 1,000 torrent files from 23 trackers and found that 89 percent of the content was confirmed to be copyrighted, while the remaining 11 percent was suspect at best. And out of all those files, only three of them were confirmed legal. That's .3 percent, folks.

Broken down into categories, movies, music, and TV shows were the most popular, with not a single legal file being shared among any of them.

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