Newegg Daily Deals: Seasonic 760W 80 Plus Platinum Modular PSU, Seagate 4TB HDD, and More!



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Dorito Bandit

That is a sweet deal for that PSU! I bought the 660W version a couple months ago and it seems to be a very well made PSU. Even the packaging it comes in is very nice. It's also very quiet.

Right now, I am only using the IGPU of my CPU (i7-4771) and not a dedicated GPU, as I am waiting for the newer NVIDIA Maxwell cards to come out. I may go with a GTX 780 or 780 Ti. I was told the 660W PSU would be more than enough to run my system with a 780, and when Newegg offered it for $99 at the time, I jumped on the deal. I certainly hope it will be enough to run my system.

What do you guys think? Is my 660W PSU adequate to power my system running a single GTX 780? I won't be over-clocking my CPU.



Seems you can only get that PSU for $100 if you are a Preferred (Premier)Customer, or did I miss something?



You forgot Kid Rock. Just ordered that power supply, I have been waiting for it to go on sale.